samedi 14 décembre 2013

Dans la région de St-Isidore j'ai compté 8 Harfangs des neiges le 9 décembre, et 4 autres dont ce beau mâle adulte le 10 décembre dernier

Harfang des neiges mâle adulte (Snowy Owl) à St-Isidore le 10 décembre 2013

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Jenny a dit...

They say we are having an irruption of Snowy owls this year - something to do with the lemmings up north.
Lovely to see photos of them - hope to see one in person soon.

Jacques a dit...

Yes lots of first year snowies and not enough lemmings for them up north. I hope you succeed in seeing one in person real soon.

Donna a dit...

Hi Jacques

We saw a snowy owl in the fields of the Experimental Farm in Ottawa on Saturday Dec 14. It was having to fend off a murder of crows. It sat down on the field while the crows were flying and swooping down on it. Will they try to kill the owl? What are its chances? I know that hawks sometimes are attacked and sometimes injured/killed by crows, as we found a injured furry leg morph hawk two years ago. It died.


Jacques a dit...

Thanks for your comments Donna. Nice to know you saw a Snowy Owl in Ottawa. I think the snowy should be able to defend itself. after a while the crows will become disinterested and they will leave it alone. Jacques